LETTERS: Let’s put more money into our sheltered housing

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It was with some degree of amusement that I read your headline article, (September 21), regarding Sheffield sheltered housing residents that are to be charged for various services as Sheffield Council can no longer fund them.

Even more amusing was the editorial.

What really made me fall on the floor holding my sides was the page one article being continued on the same inner page as the article about the Syrian refugees, with no mention of where the funds are coming from to house them, etc.

Although not a Sheffield resident, it seems to me the monies ‘magicked’ out of the ether to house, etc refugees would be better utilised funding the shortfall in the sheltered housing budget.

I would hazard a guess that there will be a great number of the sheltered housing residents also wondering if charity shouldn’t begin at home?

John Kime

Kimberworth Park Road, Rotherham, S61