Letters: Lack of cleaning is due to cutbacks

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COUN Hussain complains in The Star (3 April), about the litter around page Hall. I complained in The Star a few weeks ago about the same problem around Hartley Brook Road, and the school, in Shiregreen.

I also complained to my councillor Peter Price. Peter informed me that the lack of cleaning up was due to the cutbacks, and the mess due to the people who see the floor as a convenient dumping place for their litter.

This morning I saw two Amey staff cleaning up the area around my house, and they did a very good job. Later, when I was going out, I actually made a point of thanking them, because they have a hopeless task. I happen to know that the area they cover stretches from Shiregreen down to Meadowhall. How on earth are two guys, armed with a litter picking stick and a black bag each supposed to keep an area that size tidy?

Once the school holidays are over, and the parents come back dropping their rubbish around the school, we will be quickly back to normal, let alone the rest of the area these guys will be responsible for.

I do agree with both councillors that it is the people who drop the litter, simply because they just don’t care or are to lazy to walk to a nearby bin, who are the main problem. However, the level of cleaning is also typical of the service you get when you privatise council departments.

So, the next time you are walking around ankle deep in rubbish, just remind yourself that Amey will still be making a very nice profit out of the service they are providing.

Perhaps if they took less profit and employed more cleaners, Sheffield would be a cleaner city to live in.

Incidentally, if you live in the Hallamshire constituency and you are blighted by rubbish too, could you please have a word with your MP about it, as he’s apparently something to do with the Government cutbacks that are causing it.

S.C. Shiregreen