Letters: Keep your nose out of our business

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Arthur Hutchinson has been allowed to appeal against his “whole Life” sentence by the European Court of Human Rights because they claim it is “inhuman”.

How much more interference are we going to stand from Strasbourg? We are talking here about a man who killed three people, so there is no chance of it being an accident. This act was “inhuman” and he never gave them any chance of a human rights appeal. Tell Strasbourg to keep their noses out of our business and throw away the key to this animal’s cell.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster, DN7


Having recently spent 10 days on Ward F1 at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital having knee replacement surgery, I wish to offer my sincere thanks to all concerned, doctors, nurses, domestics and physios in assisting me with my recovery.

The care provided was excellent even though staff were undermanned (note to hospital authorities – more staff needed).

Well done and once again thanks.

D Allen

Windyhouse Lane, S2


Your story about the family who were misled by an old sign into believing that they could park for free draws attention to the incredible number of redundant signs dotted around Sheffield.

It would appear that there is a department within the City Council responsible for erecting new signs, but that it has no counterpart with responsibilty for removing old ones. I have no problem with this - my journeys around the city are brightened up by spotting signs that point to places that no longer exist (sad as that sounds).

To give just a few of my favourites: as you turn off Brookhill roundabout on to Bolsover Street, there is a “Hospital” sign referring to Winter Street hospital which closed some years ago and is now home to Sheffield University’s Law Schoool; turning off Pitsmoor Road onto Rutland Road a sign directs drivers to Parkwood College - long ago replaced by housing, and, best of all, in Solly Street there is a “School” sign for my old school, St Vincent’s, which closed down in 1989.

I have considered applying to the Arts Council for a grant to photograph these redundant signs. Do you think, if I were successful, Colin Drury would feature me in his Diary column?

Paul Kenny



Just reading in The Star how someone in Rotherham has been fined for fraudulent use of a disabled badge,strange this as you often see people in Doncaster and Chesterfield also getting fines but never in Sheffield, my advice to whoever is in charge of this operation get youselves up to Tesco at Millhouses and Wolsley Road outside the Mosque instead of swooping like locusts on Ecclesall Road at 4.05 every day.


Lodge Moor S10