LETTERS: Is that the end of the city of sport?

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I was so disappointed to learn that Sheffield City Council is to close the Don Valley Stadium.

This shows such shortsightedness in view of the missed opportunities in the wake of the Olympics.

If the council cannot make the stadium pay for itself with imaginative marketing then I would suggest they are guilty of gross mismanagement of the city’s assets.

Mrs J Hawkins, Seagrave Drive, S12

n How sad that Don Valley Stadium and other sporting facilities in Sheffield are closing due to the current state of affairs.

Don Valley is the second largest athletics track in the UK and should have been used to its full potential, especially as it cost £29 million to build.

Just a thought, Seb Coe who holds a lot of people’s respect in South Yorkshire could have been more vocal.

As a former athlete with the Hallamshire Harriers, he should have said more than people should “complain, campaign and lobby” against planned closures of sports facilities in their communities, or is it more political than that, Seb?

Is that Sheffield done then as the City of Sport?

Jonathon Bower

n Get the FA Cup down to Don Valley and give it a little more profile, get schoolchildren to voice their opinions at the same time .

Put the question about making Don Valley a new FA coaching facility for Yorkshire .

In fact, get Sheffield and Hallamshire FA to relocate their offices there and you have got a purpose-built facility for coaching.

Ian Simpson

n Whilst running costs are cited as the reason for demolition, could the unstated reason be that it is a prime site for commercial development?

RS, S26