LETTERS: Interesting day down at the Mill thanks to article

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After reading the story of Group Captain Gilbert Insall in Retro on Saturday I decided to go and have a look at the Mill where he lived.

I eventually found it and was a little surprised at the condition of the place.

Once upon a time it would have been a very important part of the community.

Let’s not forget that this is where the Pilgrim Fathers lived and made the journey to the New World.

Monks Mill may have provided the flour for the bread for their long journey.

Sorry to say now it is in very poor condition, although some work was taking place.

I stood and imagined how it must have looked in years gone by when the Insalls lived there.

The old garage was amazing. One can imagine two old Jaguars standing side by side and the great and good coming to visit the couple.

The pond was very pleasant but could do with a little TLC.

I took quite a few photos and will keep them with the Retro that I saved to remind me of this brave man and his life.

If the American historians knew of this place would it get the help needed to restore it to its former self, not a modern restoration but a retro one?

Thanks to your article I found that I had a very interesting day.

Mel Roberts

Wood Lane, Bramley, Rotherham