LETTERS: Ignore the left-wing propaganda, Margaret Thatcher was a great leader

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
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To counter the left-wing propaganda which dominates your letters pages I would like to put forward some alternative views.

Margaret Thatcher took over a failing economy which was the sick man of Europe, plagued by strikes.

Arthur Scargill attempted to use his union as shock troops to bring down the government and usher in a socialist paradise where miners would be paid high wages to produce coal which nobody wanted.

Unlike in the 1970s, the Government fought back and won, to most people’s relief.

The coal and steel industries declined because they were uneconomic, just as they did in France, Belgium and Germany, and not because of some malign government plan.

Margaret Thatcher also reclaimed the Falklands, sending a message to the Kremlin that the West was not a soft touch, and making a major contribution to ending the Cold War.

Gordon Brown was no brilliant economist or he would not have made the absurd claim to have ended boom and bust.

He sold gold reserves at rock bottom prices, spent too much in the good times and loosened the regulations of banks when the opposite was needed.

He also created a benefits culture which reduced the incentive to work.

Some unpopular views tend to attract abuse, so unfortunately I will have to remain anonymous.

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