LETTERS: I vote for UKIP because of Jeremy Corbyn’s immigration stance

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I agree with the letters from Kevin Hanson, Peter Flynn, and Terry Palmer.

As a UKIP supporter I totally agree with Kevin, that Labour have lost many working class votes to UKIP, and need to think of ways of winning us over again. But I was very annoyed, but not surprised at Jeremy Corbyn and his stance on immigration and the EU. His total disregard of many people’s concerns on immigration shows he is not living in the real world. I vote for UKIP for one reason only – I want the UK to be independent of the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

I am not one of the few xenophobes that exist in UKIP or indeed in many of the other political parties. Many of the things UKIP stand for I am not keen on, such as their stance on same-sex marriage.

To Peter Flynn, immigration is a big talking point at the moment. I know that with the recent problems around Page Hall and the views of many of the residents, indigenous, immigrant or second , third and even fourth generation immigrants are all the same, something has to be done.

Theresa May is right when she says that huge numbers of people coming here every year makes social cohesion very hard. And that is not racist. If it was about colour then of course it would be racist.

Thirdly to Terry, Lord Rose and many of his pro EU brigade dare to call us ‘quitters’, yet they rarely see the shocking affects that being in the EU is causing.

Business for them is booming, and they take advantage of the Freedom of Movement to get cheap labour, and to the hell with the rest of us. But the amount of red tape from Brussels is robbing us of our democracy.

When I vote , I expect our politicians to be making decisions about our country, not to be cut short by people in Brussels, who say ‘no, you can’t do that, it goes against what we say’.

We have to think about ourselves and the people who come here from outside the EU as well, the Commonwealth for instance.

I cannot grasp how we are putting a limit on immigration from places such as India, Australia and Canada, even telling nurses here from outside the EU that if they don’t earn £35,000 a year, they will be kicked out after five years.

Yet a person from an EU nation can work here on minimum wage and is allowed to stay no matter what.

We are a country about equality according to Corbyn. Fine, let us act like one. But let the people who reside here make their own decisions.

Matthew Hobson