LETTERS: I can’t watch Sky Sports because of my neighbour’s scaffolding

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This is an accurate report of a conversation between a council tenant and the council call centre, only the names have been changed to protect the stupid.

My friend Mr Magoo rings the council: “Hello sir, can I take your name, your address, andyour date of birth?”

After giving the relevant details: “How can I help you today?”

Mr Magoo replies :“Some scaffolding has been erected up to my neighbours bedroom window because the window has to be replaced.

“The scaffolding is blocking my Sky signal and I can’t watch my sports channels. I pay a few quid a month for these channels and I can’t watch them because of the erection.”

Mr Magoo goes on: “I just want to know just when the scaffolding will be taken down so I can watch Sky Sports again”.

The agent then replies: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s privileged information, if it’s not your property that’s having the window replaced, we can’t tell you how long the scaffolding will remain.”

After Mr Magoo comes round, he says: “I know the scaffolding is needed but what about me losing my Sky signal?”

The agent replies : “That’s got nothing to do with the council, it’s not our problem.”

Mr Magoo is quite calm about the situation and the agent then asks the killer question: “Is there any thing else I can help you with today Mr Magoo?”

Mr Magoo: “You haven’t helped me at all!” and puts the phone down.

For around two months or so Mr Magoo’s block has been encased in scaffolding, after the work was completed the scaffolding was dropped and now a few short weeks later, fresh scaffolding is raised to replace a bedroom window, why not replace it while the whole block was surrounded by scaffolding?

If I could speak to the council I would say:“Oi! No! Council get your act together!”

Mr Magoo wasn’t asking for anybody’s personal details, all he wanted was a date when he could watch his beloved sports channel, the money you waste on a daily basis is obscene.

Stop treating people like idiots and help them instead of putting obstacles in their way and just why they need a date of birth from you, God only knows, as if a malicious caller is going to report a repair that doesn’t exist is pie in the sky.

That’s the reason I was given when I queried it, I told the agent I was the only Green Giant in the council’s data base so that would be enough. The council call centres are a complete joke.

The Green Giant

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