Letters: Fire station plan needs new public consultation

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We are supposed to be reassured by the latest message from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue about the proposed fire station on green belt land in the centre of Bowden Houstead woods.

The statement they have placed in The Star says that we have nothing to fear from their proposals as this site has previously been used for “ndustrial purposes”.

Well forgive me, but I personally have known these woods and surrounding areas since the very early 1950s and would be delighted if they could inform us all what kind of industry has ever been on this site, because the site has only ever been used for the local community to enjoy and cherish.

The only time this site has been used for any other purpose, was when it was used as temporary storage of contractors’ plant during construction of the Mosborough Parkway after which it reverted to green belt.

The other major concern is emergency services trying to get out onto an already extremely busy Parkway.

They tell us this is the optimum location but there are so many better brown field sites nearby with minimal environmental damage and easier access.

The public consultation process has been totally inadequate, and at least now this application is at last in the open, there really needs to be a new public consultation.

Paul Ratcliffe