Letters: Drowning in a sea of unwanted post

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Is it me or are there more people in Sheffield who are sick and tired of getting takeaway menus through their letterbox?

I don’t want an Indian meal, I don’t want a Hawaiian pizza with extra topping.

I don’t want to change my broadband and TV package, I don’t want cheaper AA subscription. I don’t drive. I’m pretty enough without an Avon catalogue being pushed through my letterbox, I’m adequately insured, I don’t want to join up with Michael Parkinson to get a free pen. I can’t afford to take out a Barclaycard. I don’t want a charity bag on my door mat.

Please don’t knock on my door at 8pm to ask if I want judo lessons. Same goes for the early morning Jehovas and afternoon Mormons. God knows where I am and I know where he is. We’ll meet sooner or later,

I don’t want to take out a Sky subscription, I’m not interested in the Co-op’s latest offers. My dog has been dead 60 years so I don’t want coupons for 10pence off dog food.

I don’t want letters from the council with a list of 10 foreign languages in it. My name does give the game away. I’m English, I don’t need an interpreter.

I’ve had it with book clubs. My book club is the Sheffield Scene. I’m not interested in sending off for free lotions to “make my skin feel silky.”

I don’t want to fill in a questionnaire on how many marks out of 10 I would give Flora.

It’s not up to me to save the Rain Forests, it’s up to the Brazilian government to stop their own people chopping down trees.

What I do want is to pick and choose the things I want.

And I want to settle down in front of the TV on an evening to watch a decent programme without having to answer the door to someone selling something I don’t want or need.

But mainly, PLEASE NO MORE MENUS. If I need one I will get one. The people who want to save the trees should get together with takeaway owners and between them they could save a million trees.

Vin Malone, S14 1LF