LETTERS: Does anyone know where the missing piece of the Crimean War Memorial is?

Crimean monument
Crimean monument
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In all the recent exchanges about the Crimean War Memorial not a lot’s been said about the whereabouts of all the bits of this important monument.

We know that most of it is in the city council’s store, where it fetched up after removal from the Botanical Gardens in 2004.

But what was in the Gardens wasn’t the whole.

The tall column which supported the figure of Victory never went there. It ended up, in sections, first in Hammond Street and then in Addy Street Upperthorpe, where it remains, part-buried in sections on a patch of grass, (together with a plaque explaining what it is).

But no-one it seems has tracked down the elaborate carved stone capital that decorated the top of the column, nor the fountain donated by John Brown, the steel magnate, in 1859 that stood alongside the memorial at Moorhead.

And what about the griffins, which we know were copied about 20 years ago, the copies are on show in Castle Square.

Where are the originals?

I wonder if there are still people in Sheffield who worked on the removal of the Memorial from Moorhead to the Botanical Gardens and can recall what happened to the missing capital and fountain?

And are there council workers now who have spotted these on council premises as they go about their jobs?

It would be great to know.

Valerie Bayliss

Chair, S Yorks Group The Victorian Society