LETTERS: Do you remember the Gloops Club?

Elsie Smith
Elsie Smith
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How many people remember Gloops? And can you tell me how long the Gloops Club existed?

My mother, née Elsie Smith, now aged 99, grew up in Hall Road, Handsworth, Sheffield and was a keen member of the Gloops Club as a child.

She has been reminiscing about how she and some of her friends (Eileen Saxton, Bertha Bird, Mary Mason and possibly a girl called Rogers) used to put on little concerts in their back yard to raise money for the charities supported by Gloops.

This must have been in the late 1920s and long before such things as X-Factor and BGT. Eventually, they collected about 10 shillings, which was quite a substantial sum at that time, and decided to hand it over to Gloops in person. Off they went on the tram car, right into the centre of the city, and marched excitedly up to the offices of the Sheffield Star. Sadly, they met with a rather cool reception. The clerk at the desk simply said: “Thank you. I’ll pass it on. Goodbye.” And that was that.

She wonders if modern-day staff might have been kinder to a gaggle of shy little girls who had given their time and talents to do some fund-raising for children in need. This particular little group felt very rebuffed, and left the Gloops Club as a consequence of their cold treatment.

Her friends from that time have probably all passed on now, but maybe someone remembers them, and has also heard this little story from a different source.

This is how she looks now.

Catherine Sommer

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