LETTERS: Devolution would ‘rip heart out of Yorkshire’

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‘Devolution’ bids from various parts of the Yorkshire region have now been submitted to the Government for consideration.

Effectively power-hungry and mainly, but not exclusively, Labour council leaders are aiming to finish the job started in the 1970s and rip the proud and historic entity of Yorkshire apart.

For their lack of strategic vision, lack of ambition, lack of consultation with the general public and their sheer willingness to sell this county down the river for their 30 pieces of silver from the Chancellor they should be roundly condemned and suffer the consequences at the ballot box.

However, one particular aspect is missing from each of the Yorkshire bids and these pygmies of politicians should hang their heads in shame as a result.

There is no mention of bidding to take over education in any bid.

At a time when Yorkshire schools are again at the bottom of the GCSE performance league tables different thinking is needed on how to revitalise our schools.

It is through the education of our young people that the future prosperity of our region lies and it is clear our council leaders are more than happy to keep with the failing status quo so as not to rock the boat and therefore get their grubby hands on some small levers of power.

Of course there is a very good reason they’ve not done this.

They realise that for us to change education for the better we need a regional, not localised solution.

This would be tantamount to them accepting their fragmented devolution approach is substandard in comparison to a regional approach.

There is a ready-made example of how a regional solution to education can transform schools.

Twenty years ago London was in the same position Yorkshire is now – bottom of the education league.

In the last decade they instigated a regional London Challenge.

Now London leads the English educational league tables.

It is time our council leaders realised their power-grab will not only shatter Yorkshire but will do nothing for our future generations.

It is time for a regional solution – it is time for a Yorkshire Challenge.

Wayne Chadburn

Thurlstone Road, Penistone, S36