LETTERS: '˜Darnall is a frightening place to visit'

Darnall is a frightening place to visit, especially at night.

“I visit the area at least twice a week, one to go to the local bank and one on a Saturday night at the local club.

During the day you get gangs standing on street corners, outside the betting shop, spitting, drinking out of beer cans, throwing litter and using abusive language, plus the vehicles on sale parked up three and four at a time, leaving no space for visitors.

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I feel so sorry for the poor traders who have had enough and packed up their businesses, especially Mr Barrett, (highlighted in the Star on August 5), and Gary the butcher who has already been driven out.

I have also known a couple of friends who have been mugged.

The people who have done this are scum and need to be sorted out.

Where are the police you may ask?

The same question we are all asking.”



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