LETTERS: Council couldn’t run a bath, let alone city

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I am amazed at what this council take us for.

Over the last 20 years when they have held power it has been two steps forward, eight steps back.

Most of them are past their sell-by date and will never change.

They have safe areas where they don’t have to do a thing except keep moaning to us how deprived their areas are.

The leader of the council Julie Dore is taking us back to the days of them and us.

What Mrs Dore fails to acknowledge is that though I don’t live in her so-called affluent area, the ones that do more than likely work like the clappers to provide for their families. If they have decent jobs, they have earned that position by hard work.

She is also forgetting the other areas where you get the occasional estate full of benefit claimants many who have never worked a day in their life. Yet these shirkers are encouraged to continue shirking by their local councillors who need their vote and which they can rely on every time.

We are sick of it, we are sick of the priorities given to the minorities in this city. Many is the time The Star has published letters from concerned people of how we are becoming second-class citizens.

Fairness for all of Sheffield, what a laugh.

At a recent assembly meeting the cabinet took questions from the floor.

The leader’s answers could have been from Question Time, automatic and boring.

As for the others, we talked after the meeting and many said that was the shower that run a multi-million pound business, which is what Sheffield is.

The letter writer who said it needs to be run by businesspeople was quite right.

The lot we have making decisions are not conversant with running a bath, let alone our city.

City of Sport? They will close everything down they decide on, except of course anything that accommodates the minorities.

Blaming the Government for everything is old hat and no longer works. Your budgeting is as bad as Sheffield Homes’ was.

Disgusted but not surprised Sheffielder