LETTERS: Come and live in Page Hall, David Cameron

Prime Minister David CameronPrime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
Once again we are subjected to the Prime Minister's rubbish saying we may have refugee camps in the UK if we leave the EU. What scaremongering tosh.

Only the likes of Comrade Corbyn and the sheep that follow him would take this idiotic step following Blair’s policies.

We’ve heard politicians and celebrities saying they would put up a refugee family but so far I don’t know of any that have or it would be on the news.

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Up to the end of last year we,along with other cities, took hundreds of asylum seekers. Middlesbrough for instance took 746 in total while Oxfordshire, (where David Cameron’s seat is),took none. All together in this are we , Prime Minister? Come and live in Page Hall for a year and I’ll believe you.

Waiting a month to see a doctor or dentist is now the norm and schooling is a nightmare too, so how can we take more people.

We’ve all seen the horrific pictures of children drowning trying to get to Europe but surely with everyone having phones and computers the parents must have seen the news reports and know it is suicidal to even try. How can fathers leave their families behind in war zones or whatever it is they want to escape. It seems to me that about 80 per cent of the migrants are young men so why don’t they remain in their own country to either fight for it or try to solve whatever the problem is instead of abandoning it.

The EU is a failed experiment led by inept politicians who only want to feather their own nests.

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The way forward for us is outside the EU as we now have less and less control over our future as it is now controlled by European courts. Trade with the EU is falling while it is increasing to other parts of the world.

Don’t be led to believe that trade with Europe would drop because a lot of businesses make a lot of money trading our goods and using our goods and wouldn’t cut their own throats.

Corruption is widespread in the EU and George Osborne failed last week to stop the accounts from being signed off even though £4.5 billion of taxpayers’ money was knowingly misspent.

That equates to£530 million from Britain and also remember that the accounts have never been signed off as being correct. Part of our problem is that we don’t have stronger politicians to fight our corner. The reasons to leave far outweigh the reasons to stay and I for one look forward to an independent UK .