Letters: Boycott farmers taking part in mass badger cull

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Now that the badger cull is to take place starting in the next few days, perhaps it would be relevant if someone could explain how an animal which is a protected species in law can be slaughtered in this inhumane way.

The link between bovine TB, the badger and the transference of TB to cattle seems more than a little tenuous to say the least, but instead of a vaccination programme which the majority of right-minded people would support, the Government have sanctioned a mass cull, with scant regard to public opinion.

It seems that this policy is designed to appease the vociferous farmers, who by and large are in the Tory heartlands.

Even though my ancestors were farmers, I have scant regard for those farmers who only see their animals as money on the hoof and have no problem with keeping their animals in poor and overcrowded conditions.

We are also suffering from the blanket usage of pesticides which has decimated our bee population.

I realise of course that some farmers do nurture wildlife and these efforts should be applauded.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to organise a national boycott of any product which is produced by any farm taking part in the cull of badgers, to hit the farmers where it hurts most in the pocket.

Paul Ratcliffe

Richmond, Sheffield S13