Letters, April 21, 2016

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Make owners carry bags

I was interested to read in the article Call to pick up after your dogs (The Star, March 28) that Coun Terry Fox “wants the public to report any dog walkers they see who do not pick up after their dogs”.

The big question is, how do we find out their name and address?

Would he suggest, “Excuse me, can I read the details on your dog’s tag?” I think not!

Coun Fox has assured Friends of Concord Park that he takes the issue very seriously and takes a zero tolerance approach.

So that will help.

Could he be more proactive and contact Mike Warren, the Health and Housing Portfolio Holder for Daventry District Council in Northamptonshire?

According to a report in the national press on December 2, 2015, Daventry Council is getting powers to ensure that dog walkers always carry poo bags.

At least that would be a start and one dog walker in Concord Park would lose his regular excuse.

Mrs M Morgan

Chair, Friends of Concord Park

Big O was imposing

I feel that I must reply to Sonny Parkes’ reminiscences about Roy Orbison as I think his memory has let him down a little over the passing of time.

I was lucky enough to see Roy on five occasions and even got to shake his hand when he appeared at the Fiesta and, far from being stubby looking, he stood just shy of 6ft and was a very imposing figure.

It was, in fact, Roy who never moved on stage, not Buddy Holly. As anyone who ever saw Buddy either live or on film will remember, he couldn’t keep still on stage, however hard he may have tried.

The one thing I would agree with Sonny on is that both Roy and Buddy could blind any of the singers we have today and even Elvis once said that had Buddy Holly not died so young he would have been the greatest of them all.

Dave Green

by email

Train fears groundless

Another week, another transport consultant and another option for the HS2 station in Sheffield.

Jim Steer is proposing HS2 be integrated into the existing Midland station. Room for expansion does seem limited but no doubt he has researched this and is able to confirm feasibility

He states that the Meadowhall option would run out of line capacity if HS3 trains shared HS2 tracks into the station.

I am not sure how many trains he expects to run on HS2 and HS3.

Firstly, HS1 is vastly under capacity against original estimates.

For HS2, Sheffield already has two trains per hour to London St Pancras, easily serving existing demand and the route is to be improved by electrification and there is an excellent service from Leeds to Kings Cross via Doncaster, again satisfying demand.

On HS3, direct trains between Manchester and Leeds will be routed via Huddersfield, and trains between Sheffield and Leeds will already be catered for on HS2.

The only Sheffield trains on HS3 will be on the Manchester service on a line built in the direction of Huddersfield.

Passengers using HS2 and HS3 are likely to be charged a premium fare, resulting in many choosing to continue to use traditional routes.

The architect’s impression accompanying the article picturing the HS2 line through the city centre actually shows the route via Meadowhall, where I believe the station will be built, if, for no other reason, it will allow the fastest journey times. Fears of capacity issues, I feel, will be groundless.

J P Sanderson

by email

Park plan is unbelievable

I cannot believe what I read in The Star about building a a park for £1.35 million on the site of the old market.

I can see people from Leeds and Manchester flocking to see what Sheffield Council have done.

The views will be great. There is a beautiful old building just across the road, the old town hall, which has been an eyesore for years. Then there is the old Co-op building, most of it no longer in use.

Where are the shops that all these visitors are going to spend their money in?



Rich cutlery history lost

How sad to read of the proposed demolition of Slack & Barlow’s Silver Pride Works on Matilda Street and to add insult to injury yet another complex of terrible student flats will then sit in its footprint.

Surely the works could have been rented off to entrepreneurs starting little businesses.

It’s time these student flats, which resemble Ceausescu’s Romanian buildings, were built in the outer suburbs, such as Ecclesall and Whirlow.

Building them in the centre of town is turning the area into a very boring vista.

Our rich history of cutlery production is being lost by the destruction of all the little shops and firms.

Vin Malone

by email

Do you recall pikelet man?

I was brought up in Park Hill flats in the 1950s. I went to Norfolk Comprehensive School on Craddock Road in Sheffield.

What I can remember about those days was a gentleman riding a bicycle with a basket on the front around the landings in Park Hill flats (Norwich Row) on a Sunday afternoon selling pikelets and other things.

Can any of your readers remember this gentleman?

P King


Concessions a scam

When Mr Cameron flounced around EU capitals pretending to ‘gain concessions’ – some of us knew from the very outset that it was a truly wicked scam.

The reason that Dave felt that he could perhaps get away with conning us was because so very few people understand – or have even heard of – one vital, founding principle of the EU – that of acquis commaunitaire.

The principle is one of ‘what we have we hold’.

Whenever a power is extracted from a nation state – it cannot ever be taken back.

The thinking behind this goes back as far as The Treaty of Rome, January 1, 1958 – and earlier.

It is not even a slight exaggeration to state, that if you want our nation dismantled and to live in a country called Europe, you must vote ‘In’. If not – vote Brexit.

Dave Asher

Pickard Crescent, Sheffield

Claims are not justified

Isn’t it interesting that the EU claims to protect animal rights?

Yet, all we have to do is to look to Spain, which does not merely kill animals for sport but actually permits them to be tortured to death in their corridas and in so many wicked village festivals.

Yet again, the EU takes credit for something which is a figment of its imagination.

LG Arnott

Athelstan Road, Sheffield, S13

Halfwits’ lack of pride

You can hang fairy lights over Chapel Walk but the state of graffiti on the shop fronts?

An ancient once bustling and exciting – nay bohemian – thoroughfare now reflects a lack of civic pride by some halfwits.

What is happening?

Will an intimidating high ride help paper over the cracks?

Ron Clayton


Dirty tricks desperation

We have all now received Prime Minister David Cameron’s leaflet/booklet and it is, as anticipated, a misrepresentation of the facts and plays throughout to the fear factor.

You wouldn’t let your kids read it at bedtime.

I am sure the Editor will be inundated with letters challenging the content of this booklet, but that is not the purpose of this letter.

I am far more troubled, nay angry, about the unfair use of government money to finance this publication.

This is in total contradiction to Cameron’s pledge to ensure a level playing field for the referendum.

His government will now be providing £16 million for the Remain campaign and only £7 million for Leave.

Some level playing field. It smacks of dirty tricks and desperation.

If he has any conscience he will now give Leave a further £9 million to balance things up.

I haven’t put the booklet in the bin.

I have followed the advice of Liam Fox, the former Defence Secretary, and posted it back to Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

It carried a suitable endorsement.



Share HS2 route

HS2 Ltd have published the proposed route to a Meadowhall Station.

The Star fully supports a Station in the centre of Sheffield.

Perhaps you would share with readers the route that the train would take from the centre of Sheffield to Leeds?

Graham Oxley

Harley, Rotherham S62

Threesome up to them

A quick look at the internet and it’s easy to find out the identity of the celebs involved in the threesome.

I am no great fan of theirs and if that’s what floats their boat it’s up to them.

Jayne Grayson

by email