LETTERS: 10 Reasons we need to leave the EU now

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In reply to Ronald Hardy, re “It would be idiotic to leave the EU.” (The Star, October 27, 2015).

Mr Hardy states many multinationals would leave these shores and relocate to Eastern bloc countries if we leave the EU.

Mr Hardy has obviously not been listening to Lord Bamford, Nissan, Ford and others based here in the UK, where we actually export more goods to non-EU countries than to it.

Also remember the cost for being a member of this EU club, which has never published an audit, amounts to £55 million/day gross, that’s over £20 billion/year to remain a member of a more rotten system than even our own at Westminster.

Also do you really think Mercedes will stop exporting their vehicles to the UK when they export more here than we export to them?

The following are just10 good reasons to leave the EU.

1.Freedom to make stronger trade deals with other nations.

2.Freedom to spend UK resources presently through EU membership in the UK to the advantage of our own citizens.

3.Freedom to control our national borders.

4.Freedom to restore Britain’s special legal system.

5.Freedom to deregulate the EU’s costly mass of laws.

6.Freedom to make major savings for British consumers.

7.Freedom to improve the British economy and generate more jobs.

8.Freedom to regenerate Britain’s fisheries.

9.Freedom to save the NHS from EU threats to undermine it by harmonising healthcare across the EU, and to reduce welfare payments to non-UK EU citizens.

10.Freedom to restore British customs and traditions.

In my opinion the sooner we get out the better.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 9LY