Letter: Get out more

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John Molloy (letter, May 31) seems to be obsessed with correctness of English language, but not enough to get it right himself.

He castigates Star journalists and Radio Sheffield presenters for using the word “amount” when not referring to weight. What is he on about? (or for his benefit, about what is he on?)

According to my trusty Oxford dictionary the word “amount” means full value, total, etc.

No mention is made of weight, invalidating the whole point of his letter.

Without justification he states that readers, listeners and viewers are disappointed in the drop in standards, but it is clear to everyone else that English language is developing and changing by the day, and the population at large is happy to accept, use and even create the changes due to new information technology, our links with America and an influx of common sense in place of tradition.

And who wrote the language rules anyway? Certainly no-one from around Sheffield.

Mr Malloy admits trawling through 18 pages to find what he erroneously considers to be errors, “without particularly looking.”

I suggest he starts to take interest in the subject matter instead of criticising what he alone believes to be grammatical error.

Or perhaps he should just get out more.

Having put commas before “but” and started sentences with “And” “But” and “Or” I will end there as I am in danger of driving Mr Malloy mad.


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