Letter: Build school and surgery before 400 new houses

After 20 years of denial the Labour council of Doncaster has finally reached the conclusion that a '˜population surge' has prompted an urgent need for extra places in schools.

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 7:00 am

Does that mean those of us who have been blaming the policies of Blair and Co who opened our borders and allowed the mass migration of people into our country at the expense of the people who voted that shower into office are no longer racists, just realists with an eye for future long term problems?

Between 1997 and 2010 annual immigration quadrupled and the UK population was boosted by more than 2.2 million. Was there ever a time when one of our Labour party MPs thought about or voiced concern on the impact on our communities, on housing, schooling, health care or even social services. Not one of them, they took their money and went along for the ride.

Those of us who took to complaining about the backlash to our way of life and crippling NHS queues, lack of school places for our children in local schools were called racist and made to feel like social pariahs. I had my own personal fight with Labour after they decided to introduce a form of human culling with the introduction of QALY whereby the elderly and the terminally ill would have to prove they were worth expensive medication.

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It was Labour’s crude and cruel form of money saving to pay for their open door policies.

Now we are told that a ‘population surge’ is to blame. I was always under the impression Ros Jones was an accountant so surely it should have rung a very large, loud bell when people were coming into this country in droves and not contributing anything that eventually something had to give?

Here’s an idea. Before any building company undertakes a large scale build like the 400 house build in Hatfield, they first build a school and a clinic that would be able to provide facilities for at least 2000 people, when they have these infrastuctures in place then start their build.

Why should we be even more inconvenienced because Labour, under Tony Blair destroyed our country and it has taken this time before the Doncaster Labour party could bring themselves to admit it, albeit grudgingly with very carefully chosen wording?

Anne Rutherford