Let's work together for Brexit prosperity

'Austerity? You ain't seen nothing yet' Pete Bellamy's Star Letter, February 13, could not describe the wish of 17.5 million Brexiteers to leave the EU in a better manner.

‘Austerity’ (n) defined as something severely simple and plain. This was my aim, and I suggest also that of my fellow voters, when we voted to leave in the referendum.

I voted to get out as soon as possible, a simple clean break with no hard or soft leaving alternatives and no transition period – they were not on the voting paper, Pete. In that sense I fully agree with the use of the word ‘austerity’ in your letter. However, if you are intending readers to imagine post-Brexit life as being a scrimping and saving doom-laden existence for them, you could not be further from the prospective reality of the situation.

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Nobody knows for certain what the future holds for our country, Brexiteers and Remainers have a different view. Predictions of economic disaster if we leave have so far been totally wrong – what will they think of next? In reality, the economy is thriving, trade increasing, unemployment figures down, reducing national debt.

You are living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’, Pete, when you talk about the financial consequences of a ‘60 per cent loss of trade from leaving Europe.’ We are currently an annual £8.4 billion net contributor to the EU budget – to extrapolate our potential contribution to that of Norway and their £400 million is ridiculous. The 27 EU member states have far more to lose than we do from leaving their organisation.

We should make a clean break without any EU-favoured transition period – to continue paying into the EU budget for two years without having a say in the matter is ludicrous.

Germany, France and other current EU trading partners will not cease doing business with us if we leave, as it is against their beneficial financial interests – they are fighting tooth and nail in the European Parliament to keep us in their Union – why, if it is not to their advantage?

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A final word Pete from one of 17.5 million ‘hoodwinked voters’. That word is ‘democracy’ – government by all the people. We live in a Society where the majority vote decides in any election/referendum. The majority voted to leave, if the Remain team had won and the Brexiteers demanded further ad infinitum referendums to overturn this decision you and your fellow Remainers would have told us to abide by the democratic vote to remain and work together with you for the benefit of our country.

As a majority voter in the referendum I say the same thing to you and all your supporters, accept the will of the people and let us work together to ensure Brexit prosperity – not austerity!

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5