Let the games go on and on

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THE Olympics have arrived in Sheffield, with 1,600 youngsters taking part in their very own version of the event that will dominate this summer.

In what is sure to prove an outstanding success and celebration of sporting talent, more than 140 teams from across the region are this week taking part in the inaugural South Yorkshire School Games.

It will see the return, in some cases, of competitive sporting activity among our youngsters, fitting in with the coalition Government’s school sport priorities.

And it will throw a focus on competitive achievement, with the awarding of almost 580 medals.

The event, which will be annual for the next three years, will prove to be a fantastic showcase for our youngsters and will build excitement for the real deal in London later this year.

And where better place to stage it than at the home track of our very own Olympic hopeful Jessica Ennis – what more inspiration could you ask for?

So, well done to South Yorkshire Sport for putting on the games and let’s hope it lasts way beyond the next three years.

Give steel plants a fighting chance

IT’S hard enough for businesses trying to compete in such trying times.

So there’s no need to hinder them by giving their rivals the upper hand. But that’s exactly what steel giant Tata is accusing the coalition Government of doing.

It claims electricty prices are 50 per cent cheaper in France and 25 per cent cheaper in Germany, which is a cause for concern because its Stocksbridge and Rotherham furnaces are powered exclusively by electricity.

Tata says promises to ease the burden for major energy users in this country have not been met, so it’s time for the coalition to come good and give our steel plants a fighting chance.

Shame on vandals

WHAT possible motivation could vandals have had in destroying the playground and garden at Shortbrook Primary School?

The wrecking spree has left children and teachers alike devastated.

We urge the community around Westfield to rally round, support the school in being vigilant and reporting anything they think suspicious.

And our message to the vandals, is they should be shamed. When they are caught, we will do everything we can to make their names known to the wider public.