Let taxpayers have say in NHS running

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I am very concerned about our NHS being privatised, and I believe that all of us should be aware of the changes taking place within the NHS.

The NHS Trusts are being abolished and the responsibility for commissioning healthcare for us all will now be provided by the Clinical Commissioning Group ( CCG), and this group which will make the decisions in Doncaster about what healthcare is going to be provided.

Doncaster CCG should protect the NHS by adopting the 38 Degrees amendments to their constitution, which have been checked for their legality.

There is a large 38 Degrees petition, and it show sthat local people want their NHS protected from private healthcare providers, who do not have the interests or knowledge of the local population and their needs in Doncaster.

The CCG should listen, because there are many of us who are totally committed to protecting the NHS from being privatised.

The NHS is funded by us the taxpayers, and the local residents of Doncaster should have a say in what is happening to our NHS.

Marie Lane, Milton Road, Branton, Doncaster

I do have serious concerns over the future of the NHS and am worried that we are already on the road to full privatization.

I believe there are a lot of people who are committed to protecting the NHS from being privatised.

I would remind you that private companies’ first concern is towards profit not patient care.

Bona Pjarren, Vestry Hall, Meersbrook Park Road Sheffield S8