Let St Luke’s develop work

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AFTER the rumpus over plans to move Sheffield’s St Luke’s Hospice to land at the city’s Graves Park and then the uncertainty following suggestions that it could occupy the old Bluestones School site at Norfolk Park, the organisation deserves some stability.

And so we hope that councillors view favourably proposals to improve in-patient facilities and to make a number of extensions at its long-term home in Little Common Lane, Whirlow.

The hospice enjoys a special place in the lives of thousands of people, not only from Sheffield but throughout our region. The work carried out from its city base is valued by everyone who come into contact with it.

And we are sure they will equally agree that it is time for some permanence in the story of the hospice, which is this year enjoying its 40th anniversary.

The idea is to create 14 single rooms along with two triple occupancy rooms. This will allow the charity to develop its work - something everyone will support.

Youth in need of a really NEET trick

GETTING young people into work is an increasing problem which becomes more worrying by the month.

Figures just released for 2009-10 show the number of young people not in work, at school or college, or on an apprenticeship, has risen for the first time in six years. They are classed as not in education, employment or training - NEET - and it will take a neat trick to reverse this sorry trend.

That’s because figures which have just been released do not include the impact of the Government’s cuts, which have reduced youth services.

Nor do they account for the looming increase in higher education fees, such as the apparently disproportionate £5,900 costs for higher education courses at Sheffield College, the prospect of which could further inflate the NEET numbers.

Unless we invest in youth employment, education or training, there is a danger of our young people never seeing the benefits of a work culture.

Which is why we continue to champion apprenticeships as the way forward and counsel caution when dealing with cuts to services which give the young a way into work.

Our mothers’ pride

GIVE yourselves a pat on the back mums - Sheffield is giving our next generation the best start in life. More Steel city mums choose to breastfeed than anywhere else in the north and that’s a fact. Any new mum will tell you how hard it is looking after a baby and trying to get things right. Now they can really be proud of their success. If only there was a chance of them being able to put their feet up for once and celebrating with a cuppa.