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I WRITE on behalf of Shiregreen Community Homes Board in response to the letter published from SC, Shiregreen on February 21.

Shiregreen Community Homes are working hard to return Shiregreen to a green and pleasant estate – a place where we are proud to live.

The programmes that we are delivering to improve the houses and the streets are already making a marked and positive difference.

We know that community involvement is essential in delivering successful projects, which is why we have used creative ways of consulting with and involving residents in Shiregreen. We have also developed a good working relationship with the Council’s Highways Department and are creating new verges and parking spaces wherever possible and safe to do so.

It is also important that we take personal responsibility for our neighbourhood and we all need to be considerate and sensible about where we park if we are to keep Shiregreen looking great.

This estate was built when motor vehicles were few and consequently roads are sometimes narrow and driveways and parking bays uncommon. With increasing car usage, verges have been used as parking bays and this makes the place look unkempt, particularly in winter. Yes, we can install bollards where appropriate, but surely we need to encourage everyone to take responsibility.

We feel so strongly about this that we are working with the Community Assembly, local councillors and local schools to develop a positive campaign to ensure that the message gets through that if we all work together, Shiregreen will shine as it used to when it was first built, making it an even better place to live.

Janet Brind, chair Shiregreen Community Homes Board