Let’s play Spot the Cliff game

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Please, somebody, confirm that I don’t need either an eye or a hearing test.

I was enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon when I was subjected to over six hours of Cliff Richard and the Shadows music coming from the church hall opposite my home.

As I’m no longer a teenager, I actually can cope with this and soon found myself singing along. Things, however, went quiet at just after eight and as I went to draw my curtains, I had to pinch myself.

Coming out of the Church Hall, I actually saw Cliff, Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and some other people climb into their tour vehicles. I was so amazed that I waved and Cliff waved back.

Can anybody confirm that I am not going doo-lally? I know that I couldn’t have seen them all, but I did!

And ever since Sunday, I’ve been playing ‘Spot the Cliff’.

Carly Jones, Frecheville