Let’s not ruin the opportunity

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THE countdown has begun and the city of Sheffield is preparing for its time in the national spotlight.

We are, of course, talking about the forthcoming Lib Dem party conference being staged here this weekend.

Outside of the politics, this is a mouth-watering opportunity for our local businesses.

Hotels are already booked solid and the leisure industry is licking its lips at the prospect of thousands of pounds of business coming their way.

The only dark cloud on the horizon is the possibility of protests marring the event.

Clearly, there is anger at some of the decisions the Lib Dem party have made, witnessed by the abysmal showing at the polls last week.

We can only hope any protests are well behaved and do not spill over into violence as we have seen in London.

This city has a rare opportunity to show itself in all its glory.

We want to establish a reputation as a welcoming city that people want to come to and spend their money in.

Home comforts for showbiz legend

SOUTH Yorkshire crooner Tony Christie is no stranger to the Royal Albert Hall or entertaining thousands of festival-goers.

So you might expect him to mark 50 years in the business with a concert on one of the world’s biggest stages.

But old golden voice has other plans. He’s not on his way to Amarillo, he’s on his way home to play for just 200 lucky fans, including family and friends, where it all began for him at Conisbrough Ivanhoe Working Men’s Club.

He’s even giving all the proceeds to charity, including a donation for repairs at the local St Peter’s Church. And that’s pure gold from the man who is quite simply a great ambassador and a credit to his home town. All together now...Shal la la, la la, la la, la!

Don’t be afraid

BRAVE Chris Herd and his wife Jean want to use their experiences of cancer to help others who could find themselves in the same situation.

They’re speaking out during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, which encourages men to be more alert to potential symptoms and seek advice.

Jean also wants other halves to look out for danger signs - and put the pressure on their loved ones to get checked.

They hope that sharing their ordeal - which began just a few months before the couple were due to tie the knot - will show people there’s more to be scared of if you don’t seek advice straight away.

Because with correct and timely treatment, men can and do come out of the other side of a prostate cancer diagnosis to lead happy and fulfilling lives - just like Chris.