Let’s not forget flood victims

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Beverly Barber wants us to remember the floods in Pakistan and remember the survivors.

I would ask that we do not forget not just Pakistan but remember the people in Renishaw who lost a family member due to the floods in June 2007.

Let’s remember also the homes which were flooded and let’s also not forget the business that was wound up because of the flood in Renishaw because our councillors and MPs have surely forgotten them.

Finally remember the survivors who cannot get insurance and the others who are wondering how they will pay their premiums or who cannot sell their homes.

Those who go to bed and wonder what the next day will bring for them. Let’s not forget.

Let’s start thinking of our own for a change be it thousands or one casualty it is too many and they should not be denied help.

Frank Hardy

Avoiding toxic substances

I READ (Aug 1) ‘Remembering Leeann who died aged 16’ about a girl from Gleadless Valley who died from leukaemia and how her family are raising money for charity by holding a five-a-side football match.

There should be more research highlighting the causes of blood diseases.

Researcher Edward Priestley suffered severe bone marrow destruction after exposure to workplace toxic chemicals and he was not expected to live, but after many years his blood count is normal. The causes include toxic chemicals, radiation and even certain medical drugs. Benzene is a proven cause yet is widely used by industry (www.medicineandillness.com). He avoids toxic substances as far as possible and is able to lead a useful life helping sufferers.

Many chemicals were allowed into common use without proper safety testing. Preventing the causes would save much suffering.

A Wills, Middx