Let’s hear it for the buses

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FOR the past 100 years buses have been helping to keep the city moving and tomorrow marks a major milestone in their history as First Bus marks its centenary.

During that time it has found itself making many headlines - some good and some bad.

And that is a mark of how buses are perceived by their fare-paying public.

They are liked and loathed, sometimes in equal measure and often by the same customer.

The old saying that you can never get one when you want one and then three come along at once is an exaggeration but can often feel to be the case.

And then there are the disputes over routes, changes to timetables and fares.

But one thing is certain, they are an essential part of what keeps Sheffield moving and this city was one of the first in the country to have a route.

So let’s all celebrate this remarkable anniversary by making a decision to at least try out one trip on the bus this year - it could become a habit.

Why GO Outdoors is the business

IT takes considerable courage to bring someone in to take the helm of a business you have created and led to significant success.

Courage, and the wisdom to realise that growing businesses need to draw on an ever wider skills base.

GO Outdoors has been a shining beacon of Sheffield-based success in a retail market that has been plagued with failures – and much of that has been down to founder John Graham.

Now, he is handing over the reigns of the company that boosted sales by 19 per cent last year and is poised to open its 42nd store, but will continue to do what he does best for the group.

New chief executive Chris Matthews, from Dixons Retail, isn’t the only top level appointment at the John Street company in recent months.

Leading figures from blue chip retail groups such as Tesco, Halfords and Mothercare have all joined in the last year.

The fact that they have been attracted to the company is a tribute to John Graham and GO Outdoors and a sign of confidence in the business’s potential.

Happy ever after

WHO says romance is dead?

Just read the love stories on these pages and we defy you not to be moved.

These couples prove young lovers can stay together and live happily ever after.

So let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day and be reminded of the power of love.