Let’s hear it for SuperKids

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THE youngsters of South Yorkshire have done this county proud as the focus of our uplifting SuperKids Awards ceremony.

A packed room heard the inspiring and often humbling stories of some of the bravest, innovative, caring youngsters in this county.

Our 16th SuperKids Awards was the best yet, with more entries than ever, making the task of selecting the winners and special commendations a near-impossible task.

It is often said that everyone who makes it to the finals are winners. But to us, everyone who was nominated are also special - special for a multitude of reasons.

We heard about children who have battled against impossible illnesses without a word of complaint.

We heard about people who have achieved great success in sport or performing arts at national level.

And we heard about youngsters who have shown maturity beyond their years either in fundraising , campaigning or in setting up businesses.

Our SuperKids Awards gives us a platform where we can shout about the great youngsters in our community. And let’s not forget there are many more of them who aren’t even nominated.

So our challenge to them is make next year’s event an even bigger and better affair by making sure you are nominated for the county’s best awards for our youngsters.

Those who serve deserve support

BY signing up as servicemen and women, our forces heroes know they may make the ultimate sacrifice.

It’s why they are given so much respect and why they should be afforded every possible protection.

For the most part, the Army, Navy and Air Force is very good at looking after its own.

But the case of Sheffield airman Tony Merrygold gives us cause for concern.

He says his unexplained ill-health could be due to tablets given to him and other troops on a ‘field trial’ which had not been tested before.

Tony suffers chronic nerve pain and regular loss of use of his hands following his role in the first Gulf War.

He fears being given the tablets as a field trial suggests he and others were guinea pigs for medication.

That is worrying and Mr Robanthan deserves an explanantion.

If his suspicions are proved, he should be due compensation.

We cannot let down our service personnel.

They fought for us, we should support them.