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there have been a number of comments recently about public service pensions. All NHS employees have received huge packs detailing pension options and I do wonder how much this has cost!

This month Sheffield teaching hospitals announced that £40m has to be saved over the next two years .We have already seen that two wards are closing at the Royal Hallamshire and now staff are being told they are to be downgraded. We are talking about front line staff, not managers: nurses, physios, occupational therapists etc.

I am disappointed in the lack of support from Unison and the RGN. We expect the unions to support us not roll over. Let’s have some public support rather than moans about immigration and such. All these issues are just a smokescreen to the reality about what is happening to your services.


Proud of our record in area

Mick Gethin (Aug 3) makes you think the Lib Dem administration neglected Ecclesfield and Chapeltown.

However they invested in a puffin crossing at Ecclesfield Comp, traffic calming at the Wheel, Ecclesfield, as well as giving financial support to Chapeltown Park for a new playground and the swimming pool to paint the pool hall.

Under Labour why were the roads in a poor state, the parks run down and swimming pool under threat of closure? East Ecclesfield wasn’t a Labour-favoured area so suffered from lack of investment.

I’m delighted the Monteney Road scheme is going ahead. It’s a pleasant surprise to see Labour investing money in our area. However, with their track record I’d be surprised if it lasted very long!

Colin Taylor, East Ecclesfield

British justice

Jason Owen, one of three people jailed in the dreadful Baby Peter case, was released from prison after serving just three years. British Justice? I think this sums it up. When will judges and politicians listen to the people and start giving out the sentences that criminals deserve?

Joe Ordinairy