Let’s get the message through to bad drivers

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As we come towards the darkest part of the year, once again it is obvious that a great number of vehicles on our city’s roads are driving around with defective lighting.

The number of vehicles with only one headlight working is yet again staggering. If there is a determination to cut down on accidents in this city, it is time to stop installing road humps and20mph speed limits, and do something about the vehicles that loom out of the murky winter weather whilst barely visible.

As a motorist I cannot understand how other motorists are allowed to get away with this, surely vehicles should be properly lit? There is nothing worse than driving along in the dark and rain of winter and seeing a single light approaching you and having no idea if its a car, lorry or a motorcycle heading your way. If a driver can’t tell they are driving with half the road unlit, they shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

It’s bad enough that some people drive around on one headlight but there are also the others who drive on barely visible side lights, and even without any lights, in these conditions. If we want to make our roads safer, we need the police to run a vigorous campaign and clamp down on these idiots who think they don’t have to abide by the rules of safe driving, and put the rest of us at risk.

Maybe if the offending motorists got fined, then the message might get through in time for next year. I have my doubts.