Let’s build on this success

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ONE fact which has found its way into the public consciousness in the last few years is that we are raising a generation of overweight children.

Everything from must-watch television programmes to salutary chats with teachers or health professionals to hard-hitting public health campaigns have hammered home the lesson that we must begin to take our children’s weight problems seriously and encourage them to lead healthier lives.

And leading the campaign here in Sheffield has been the Let’s Change4Life programme championed by Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Sport and Exercise Science working with Sheffield Business School.

It is rewarding to note that, even though there remains a problem of obesity among youngsters in the city, the scheme has had some marked successes since it was set up three years ago.

We believe that the time is right for the city to build on these achievements and look forward to seeing even better results in the future on Sheffield’s battle against childhood obesity.

Looking forward to continued support

WE are well aware that students are happy living in Sheffield. For the city has one of the highest stay-on rates of university students in the country.

And despite the grumbles and groans we sometimes hear, particularly from some areas of the city where students live side by side with local families, it cannot be denied that the city prospers from its student population, with a whole section of our local economy reliant on their patronage.

But it is good to have a peak behind the scenes, to what university life is all about – and to learn that Sheffield has high satisfaction rates among students for their courses.

In a survey of 265,000 final year students across the country, nine out of 10 students who were attending Sheffield University told researchers they were happy with the academic side of life in Sheffield while eight of 10 said the same at Sheffield Hallam University.

We trust that this shows how the city can look forward to continued support from its student population meaning a secure future for the economy.

Good he’s around

TAKE a bow Tim O’Sullivan – the cleanest man in Sheffield. For he devotes much of his time to making sure the area around his home is clean as a whistle after spending hours sweeping the street and picking up litter.

He is so organised that StreetForce have arranged to visit him once a month to collect the piles of rubbish he has collected from the streets.

It is disgusting that there is a need for people like Tim to take to our streets and clean up after other people’s mess. But we are delighted they are around.