Let’s all work towards a ‘country park in the city’

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I can agree with Jason Burke, your columnist, Monday April 21, when he says that Parkwood Springs needs action now. But we need to start with the whole picture.

Parkwood Springs is a much bigger area than just the area round the Ski Village. It stretches all the way from Rutland Road right up to Herries Road.

Of course the demise of the Ski Village has been terrible, but that’s far from the whole picture. For 10 years the council has been working with the local community and the Friends of Parkwood Springs to make the area more attractive

The long-term plan is for the area from Rutland Road to Herries Road to become a ‘country park in the city’.

Of course an important part of that is the closure of the landfill at the end of 2018. The council is negotiating with Viridor about how it will be restored and the public allowed access.

Meanwhile, important improvements are happening.

The mountain bike trail attracts riders from across the midlands and north.

The South Yorkshire Orienteers hosted their regional sprint championship there.

Sheffield Schools cross-country races now take place regularly on the site, with nearly 600 children in this season’s event.

There are a number of group walks on the site and countless people who go out to enjoy the views and the wildlife, for a stroll or a run, or to walk the dog.

So let’s recognise the whole picture. It will be brilliant if the efforts of the Snow Sport for Sheffield group are successful in reopening the Ski Village, and at the very least the site needs clearing.

Let’s all work towards the ‘country park in the city’.

Email parkwood.springs@googlemail.com, or visit www.parkwood-springs.org.uk

Neill Schofield

Chair, the Friends of Parkwood Springs