Let’s all help our hospice

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AT any time, £5 million is a lot of money. But during the cash-strapped days in which we live, it is a vast fortune.

But it is a small price to pay to turn St Luke’s into the kind of place where you would wish your loved ones to be cared for in their hour of need.

And that is why we at The Star feel honoured to be invited to support an appeal to raise £5 million which will see a much needed make-over given to this great Sheffield institution.

What is more, we have pledged to do our bit for the overall appeal by raising a total of £100,000. And to do that, of course, we need YOUR help! We want you to get behind this worthy appeal.

However, we are sure readers will show once more that they have hearts of gold and will rise to this huge challenge.

Over the years, St Luke’s has touched many thousands of lives across the Sheffield region, not least the 1,500 terminally ill patients it treats directly.

And that association has helped cement the hospice’s place in the hearts of people throughout our area.

They all know what a great job is done to help people, patients as well as their family and friends, to cope with deeply trying circumstances.

We also hope that they will appreciate what a difference it will make to the patients of St Luke’s to be cared for in a modern building where the facilities match the high level of care provided by staff. The money will turn the 20-bed hospice into a modern set of single en-suite bedrooms.

Our commitment is to help rebuild the inpatient unit. So please join us in this task and help give St Luke’s the facilities it deserves.

Significant signs of the recovery

EVEN the tough times through which we are all living can’t take the shine off the improvements which are to be found here in Sheffield.

And this is no more clearly seen than among the Sheffield City Region’s Top 100 companies.

For the annual survey of these leading local companies, published in today’s Star, shows significant welcome signs of recovery.

Figures show that sales have bounced back after falling last year, overall losses have fallen significantly and four out of five firms are in profit.

Although the Euro’s woes are a deep and lingering worry, increasing emphasis on exports beyond Europe should stand the region’s business sector in good stead for the next 12 months.

We know readers will be encouraged to read some good financial news at a time when they’re being bombarded by so many gloomy predictions.