Let Rio inspire you and turn your home totally tropical

Are you feeling inspired by the Olympic action in Rio?

Home & Garden supplement
Home & Garden supplement

If the exotic Brazilian style has caught your eye, perhaps it’s time to introduce a little style samba into your home, with some jungle prints and flamboyant carnival colour.

Luckily, you don’t need to travel far to find a profusion of palm-print designs, on everything from wallpaper to fabrics, mimicking the lush, leafy landscapes of jungles and Amazonian rainforest, as designers embrace a ‘hot house’ look for interiors.

The trend for turning up the heat in rooms with sultry settings is a reflection of our continuing enthusiasm for all things natural for interiors - from botanical prints to materials such as wood and stone - as well as a growing willingness to use more colour.

Be as classic or exuberant as you like, accessorising with those most fashionable decor creatures, monkeys - used for everything from ornaments to lamps this season - and then add to the atmosphere with plenty of pot plants. Throw caution to the wind and go full-on carnival with a kaleidoscope of colour, from pink to burnt orange, and wing it with accessories featuring flamingos or parrots.

“The infectious spirit of Brazil has swept the UK in recent weeks, and Brazilian art and design, food and culture is inspiring everything from fabrics and ceramics through to furniture,” says Joanna Feeley, founder of Trend Bible.

“This is an energising trend featuring bold, up-scaled geometrics, thick looped lines and painterly effects for prints and textiles. Roughly-glazed brightly painted ceramics add to a crafted feel and playful details are key, from paper garlands and strands of fairy lights, to flamingos and parrots, helping create a party atmosphere inside and out.”