Let residents have decision

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When we moved to Ansell Road more than 50 years ago, there were three tall poplars opposite us – not attractive, not very leafy and no birds nesting in them.

In February 1962 we had hurricane winds in Sheffield (96mph) and one tree blew down at No 19. No-one was injured and no damage was done.

Scroll forward 40 years, the two trees many feet taller and in February 2002, the second tree blew down and landed on the front bay window of No 13 causing a lot of damage.

Concerned neighbours were sure that if and when the third tree fell it would land on the bay window of the elderly widow at No 17. She was so scared that she moved from her front bedroom to her back rooms.

After several pleas, and a diagram showing which way it would fall the council agreed it could be removed.

What are the chances of a tree on Rustlings Road landing on a house across the road?

Why not let residents decide?

Would council members like someone else deciding which trees they may or may not have?

Mary Hogg

Ansell Road, Sheffield, S11