Let female talent shine through

Charlie Driver is studying journalism at Sheffield Hallam University.
Charlie Driver is studying journalism at Sheffield Hallam University.
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During British music’s biggest awards night social media was ablaze with endless posts.

Whether commenting on Kanye’s fire, Madge’s cloak or Lewis Hamilton’s “nope”, Twitter especially was booming with opinions about The Brits.

However long gone are the days of the Gallagher brothers causing havoc and Jarvis Cocker interrupting MJ. Perhaps it says something about British music culture when the most talked about moment of the night is a near-60-year-old woman falling over.

Though it was funny seeing Madonna embarrassing herself, surely there is more to British music than Ed Sheeran standing looking gloomy with a guitar?

The awards seem to have been taken over this year by ‘men’, and by ‘men’, I mean guys in their early 20s singing love songs directed at teenage girls who can support them by hash-tagging. One Direction and George Ezra are good examples.

Out of the 13 accolades given out, there was no sign of any female nominations in some of the major categories, including Critics’ Choice, British Video and Album of the Year.

Why are we highlighting the best of British music when all we are presented with is the most popular acts of a niche genre? The ceremony don’t seem to award talent, yet more how many fans or radio plays the artists get.

Critically acclaimed female acts such as Jessie Ware and FKA Twigs seem to take a back seat to the best of the males.

This bias is not restricted to the Brits.

Out of the 87 acts announced for the Reading and Leeds festivals this year 78 are all male, six are mixed and only three all-female acts are on the bill.

It’s 2015 so why are women being marginalised in music, especially when there are so many talented female musicians out there?

Hopefully in the near future, more and more females will join Paloma Faith at the Brits and Patricia Arquette at the Oscars in speaking out about the skilled women in the entertainment industry and they will start to get the recognition they deserve.

It would be good to see people talking about the talent of females, rather than whether they were showing cleavage, or had fallen on their bum.