Let down by lack of information

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I LIVE in S7. On the last weekly Wednesday collection, a note was tied to our black bin stating that new collection date calendars will be delivered by August 10.

Late in the afternoon/early evening on Sunday, August 12, a leaflet was put through the door but we had been out all day, then engrossed in the Olympics closing ceremony in the evening and didn’t notice it.

On Monday morning at about 9am, I was on my way to work and saw a man in a hi-vis jacket loitering on the pavement. I said good morning but he didn’t make eye contact.

I looked up and down the road and there was only one blue bin out, but that is out permanently. There were no other blue bins on the road, so I went to work.

When I came home, I found the pamphlet and realised I had missed the first blue bin collection.

I read in the Star on Tuesday that the launch of the new bin collection system was hit by a few ‘teething problems’ but otherwise was a success and ‘only a handful of people’ had ‘forgotten’ or had ‘mislaid their leaflets’.

I think that the 90 or so residents of this road who didn’t get their blue bins emptied on Monday would disagree with that view.

We missed the first collection because Veolia didn’t let us know, in reasonable time, of our new collection days.

Luckily for us, it was only the blue bin that wasn’t collected. For those who didn’t get the chance to get their black bin out due to Veolia’s forgetfulness or lack of organisation in delivering leaflets, I’m sure they are feeling let down by such a poor start to a poor service.

As for the apologists for Veolia who can’t understand why we ratepayers aren’t grateful for a rubbish bin collection service, I say that it wouldn’t be so difficult to adjust to the new system if there were decent recycling options or alternatives.

When you limit the kerbside collection, limit the type of waste that can be recycled and at the same time significantly reduce the alternatives for recycling household or garden waste, there are many people who are genuinely inconvenienced by the changes.

That we pay exactly the same rates for a lesser service just adds insult to inconvenience.

Resident of S7