Let brass band use the barn

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I THINK it is very sad that Whiston Brass Band has had to leave the Memorial Barn due to increased fees.

I am a supporter of the band, even though I live in Sheffield. They do three wonderful concerts each year. The barn is the perfect setting for these events.

They also teach young children to play. They are doing good work with the children. Some funding ought to be found so that the rehearsals and concerts can carry on.

The good thing about being a member of a brass band is that you can still play in a band well into old age providing you keep good health. I wish them well with the petition and hope I will eventually be able to go back to the concerts in the barn.

Good luck.

A supporter of the band

Restore field

Now that work on the awful path at Charnock Park has been completed, may we have it removed and the field restored to its former natural, unspoilt state? It is totally unnecessary to embellish something which is already beautiful. Previous landowner Arnold Fidler must be turning in his grave to see such desecration.

Arnold Avenue resident

Death penalty

The death penalty should be brought back but MPs say no. Why? Because you don’t hear of MPs being killed. If they brought it back, it might take time but people will feel safer. Look back 40 years and see how many people have been killed. Victims lose 30 or 40 years the killers are out in just five years.

Jack Tompkins, Scampton Lodge, S5