Les, you can keep your sparrowhawk

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The photograph in The Star, Saturday, May 16 of a sparrowhawk sent in by Les Cornthwaite was captioned sparrowhawk a welcome visitor to my garden.

Well, Les we had a sparrowhawk in our garden and he (or she) was far from welcome because it had caught a small bird, a blue tit or great tit and had taken it onto the neighbour’s lawn ready to devour it.

We had a pair of great tits raising chicks in a nesting box at the bottom of our garden and I feared that the sparrowhawk had caught one of them.

Fortunately, it appears that our great tits are still with us.

Now I know that the diet of a sparrowhawk consists of smaller birds but I would prefer not to see one having been caught and in the talons of a bird of prey.

Such birds seem to be on the increase and therefore smaller birds are very much at risk of their numbers being reduced.

So Les, if you get another sparrowhawk in your garden, please keep it there, we don’t want it!

JS Arnold

Carterknowle Road, Sheffield, S7