Lego-loving football fan creates Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough out of toy bricks - and it's amazing

Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough Stadium in Lego. (Photo: Brickstand).
Sheffield Wednesday's Hillsborough Stadium in Lego. (Photo: Brickstand).
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This is Sheffield Wednesday's hallowed Hillsborough as you've never seen it before - made entirely out of Lego.

The amazingly detailed replica has been lovingly crafted by master Lego builder Chris Smith who has set himself the challenge of recreating more than 100 stadiums from the children's building block favourite.

Barnsley's Oakwell stadium. (Photo: Brickstand).

Barnsley's Oakwell stadium. (Photo: Brickstand).

Chris has so far completed 37 of the stadiums and as well as Hillsborough, he's also created Barnsley's Oakwell stadium and Rotherham United's New York Stadium with hundreds of pieces.

He is planning to build every Premier League, Football League and Scottish Premiership stadium - which means Sheffield United, Doncaster Rovers and Chesterfield are set to follow.

Chris, from Altrincham, Greater Manchester, hopes to complete his task by the end of the season.

Having initially started building Lego stadiums two years ago as a hobby, Chris, 32, began turning his creations into a business, named Brickstand.

Rotherham United's New York Stadium. (Photo: Brickstand).

Rotherham United's New York Stadium. (Photo: Brickstand).

Chris, a fan of Crystal Palace and Halifax Town, said: "I saw a Lego creation one day and then thought to myself that someone must have built lots of football stadiums out of Lego - it lends itself so well to creating them.

"I went on Google to view them and was surprised to find that they simply didn't exist and thought I may as well have a go.

"It can take a couple of weeks to build a stadium the first time, as I design each one as I go along.

"I use pictures from the internet and the Google Maps to get views of the exterior of the stadium, but I don't visit any of them, as I would see too much detail, I think, and it's more about trying to find what works in Lego bricks."

The models, as well as prints of the stadiums, are available to buy at his website,