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So Sheffield council intends to spend nearly half a million pounds on outsourced legal fees for a job they should be more than capable of doing themselves.

However this would never do as when it all goes belly up, (and it will), Julie Dore and co may get the blame but as we live in a blameless council zone let’s just allow the cost of the pie in the sky retail development quarter to spiral out of control and they will have another arm to blame.

Now Julie Dore says that the cost of this huge legal bill will, (and I quote), be recovered through the returns to be generated from the development process and delivery of the retail quarter.

In reality what she means is, we will recover this and other inflated costs through huge rents and massive business rates. Well that worked well on the Moor markets, didn’t it?

What Mrs Dore and co would be well advised to do is to take a short trip to Leeds city council offices and listen, then take a good look around their city centre and maybe take in a little retail therapy, it’s superb there but will they ever learn?

I think not and the cost of such a trip could cost us millions.

JW Vintin

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