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It is an accepted fact that over a number of years Sheffield has fallen well behind other major cities so only time will tell if the council’s latest proposals will be a success.

After years of disappointments the council cannot be surprised for a mixed reception to their latest plans. But it isn’t just new shops and jobs that are needed to lift the profile of the city, it also requires the best entertainment possible.

Twice in the past few years Sheffield Theatres have won the award for Best Regional Theatre and offer top class shows throughout the year. However I have noticed how acts are now beginning to bypass the Arena and City Hall and play Leeds and Nottingham instead. I think the venues need to answer the following questions.

Do agents always make contact to enquire about suitable dates? If so, why do many acts still prefer Leeds and Nottingham? Sheffield is the fourth largest city in the UK so it is disgusting that it cannot compete. Who is going to speak up for this city?

Dean Hopcroft

Richmond Park Grove, Handsworth, S13 8HX