Lecturer standing in Sheffield as Green candidate

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A Sheffield lecturer has been confirmed as a Green party candidate for the general election.

Christine Gilligan Kubo is to stand in Brightside and Hillsborough, where Labour MP David Blunkett is stepping down, on May 7.

She lives in the constituency, is a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University’s Sheffield Business School and a non executive director of social enterprise Sheffield Renewables.

Christine, who said she was the first Green party candidate to stand for the seat and is a long-time supporter, said: “I think that the Green party message resonates with a lot of what people in the country are thinking at the moment, about democracy and making sure we can have some control over big business.

“We want them to be more for the benefit of British people rather than the multinational corporations.

“One of our big concerns is environmental challenges and climate change so we support renewable energy and that that can create jobs and employment that is good for local people, and the local economy.”

Councils across South Yorkshire are expected to release full candidate lists of those standing this week.