Leaving the EU won’t change our Human rights

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The Star recently published a letter (“Stop Meddling”) from Matthew Hobson, where he said he would be voting to leave the EU because he didn’t want a foreign judge ruling on a murder case or giving human rights to a murderer.

The European Court of Human Rights is nothing to do with the European Union.

If Britain leaves the European Union, it won’t change how the law is applied at all. Human rights laws will apply just as much as they do now.

Human rights, as we know them, were conceived by Winston Churchill in the aftermath of the Second World War to make sure no government or majority could ever again crush, silence or attack its own citizens or a minority.

Churchill also understood that an international court ensured governments can’t bribe, manipulate or pick the judges that will pass verdicts on that same government’s laws.

We should all be proud that Britain played such a central role in helping to rebuild Europe in this way and forge our modern civilisation.

Human rights give us all special protection.

Which of these rights would people like to surrender: The right to life? Right to education? Right to an appeal? The right not to be tortured? The right to a fair trial?

These are basic British freedoms and should be properly protected.

Leaving the European Union won’t change a single letter of our human rights laws.

Human rights laws may annoy governments and individuals from time to time, but they were never meant to make governments more comfortable – they were designed to keep us free.

Councillor Jack Scott

Labour Councillor for Arbourthorne Ward