Leave for your kids

The two main arguments over the EU Referendum are immigration and the economy.


Regardless of how well we are told the country is supposed to be doing, many just don’t see or feel it.

The people I see speaking up for the ‘remain’ vote are business leaders of multi-national companies and career politicians who are clearly feathering their own nests.

They go on about all the job losses we will endure if we leave, yet how many have gone down the swanny already in the steel, retail and banking industries this year alone.

Where’s the advantage of the EU here?

The immigration issue is not just about the hundreds of thousands of migrants that are settling in our already over-crowded country every year.

The consequences go much further; housing, schools, jobs, NHS, crime.

We’ve all seen the impact.

Yet I haven’t heard one person from the ‘leave’ campaign say that they would stop immigration, only that it needs controlling, something we cannot do while ever we are part of the EU.

We have seen racial tensions bubbling in the Page Hall area where different ethnicities have been rammed together with no thought of the repercussions.

Today, many towns and cities throughout the UK have their own Page Hall.

However, certain councils and media try their hardest to suppress this type of bad news in order to portray a harmonious multicultural society.

The EU has grown immensely over the years in its membership, its powers and in particular in the ever-increasing number of highly paid bureaucrats in Brussels.

And it will continue if we allow it.

My view is that it has been an experiment tried and an experiment failed.

And I truly believe that most ordinary citizens from Western Europe would love to turn back the clock and revert to living in their independent countries with their old currencies.

The EU referendum is the biggest decision of a generation. Vote LEAVE on June 23.

Your kids will thank you for it.

Peter Flynn

Owlerton Green, S6