Leave the toffee noses on the shelf

Tv star: Oli Lock from Made in Chelsea
Tv star: Oli Lock from Made in Chelsea
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How hilariously ironic.

A dating site for millionaires has suddenly been over-run by cheapskates.

A glitch on a supposedly exclusive, posh members-only website over the Bank Holiday saw thousands of lonely singles jump at the chance to meet a rich partner - for just a quid.

The site, launched last week, nearly came to a standstill and its original members are jumping up and down on their Barbours in rage.

Inspired by the hit TV show Made in Chelsea, which ended on Monday, Date in Chelsea was hoping to pull in the show’s single stars, along with the hottest and richest singles in London, all looking for love with someone of their own social standing (in other words, as snobby and judgemental as them).

But when other singletons discovered they could use a special offer code and join for less than the cost of a McDonalds burger, it all went Croydon pear-shaped. Hoards of ordinary types signed up in one massive, common drove.

Hoity-toity Simon, 32, from Hammersmith, is outraged: “The very reason I joined was to get away from those cheap, nasty-looking dating sites and find someone very special. Now it seems every average Jane is sending me winks.”

Added jumped-up Joe, 25, from Kensington: “I thought this was meant to be a dating site for millionaires? Might as well rename it DateinPoundland,”

Though, let me tell you Simon and Joe had hardly paid through their stuck-up noses in the search for someone equally as snobbish as they; the full price was only £29.95 anyway. You can barely get your Range Rover washed and chamois-leathered for that, can you?

The glitch could bring about a victory for the common man. And woman. It might open a few blinkered, elitist eyes to the fact that actually, money can’t buy you the perfect lover.

Though how much better would it be if all the pound invaders snubbed the snobs, got it on together and left the toffs on the shelf?