Leave the rest of us who love the UK to live in peace

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Asim Quereshi belongs to a human rights group called CAGE, and he has been making apologies for Jihadi John. (Mohammed Emwazi).

He says Jihadi John was a “beautiful young man who was extremely kind and gentle”. Like hell he is. He’s a sadistic killer who, if he hadn’t been able to justify his savagery with his vision of Islam or his hatred of the UK, would have found other reasons to hack off heads.

He is an animal who has a worldwide name for savagery, who severs heads and then waves them around for the camera, never kind or gentle as the ­apologist says.This a person who thinks more of Jihadi John than his victims.

He says this moron has had difficulties in his life, well most of us have too but we don’t go around committing bloodthirsty acts.

Of course its all the UK’s fault. The same excuses are given regarding the three schoolgirls who’ve opted to flee to Syria, it’s anybody’s fault, the schools, airport officials etc, not so! Three bright students who received a good education yet preferred to jump into the beds of sadistic animals. Hate preachers complaining about being oppressed, no one is oppressed here. I understand Mohammed Emwazi played football with a group of Muslims who all went to the same mosque with the same preacher.

Three are now dead, one stripped of his British citizenship and several more are in prison. If these people want to live in a country where Sharia Law is practised, where women aren’t allowed education, hands chopped off for stealing etc, then we should insist they go to such countries and leave the rest of us that love the UK to live in peace.

No more tolerance where terrorist suspects are concerned whatsoever, whatever Asim Quereshi and CAGE says. Harass them to hell and back again.

Terry Palmer